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I invite you to make a ritual of Love.  When you treat your feminine organs with softness and care- you honor yourself.  A yoni steam is a beautiful moment of self-love and inner stillness.  Yoni is the Sanskrit word for all the female organs combined: vagina, womb, and vulva.  Though it is not just a word or synonym; it literally refers to your female organs as a sacred temple.

Nice and Sweet Yoni Steam

Our Nice and Sweet Package is just what YOUR SWEETSPOT ordered! This is a 30 min. mini SWEET STEAM-$60.00

Sweet Dream Yoni Steam

Our Sweet Dreams Yoni Steam Package will leave you SWEETOXIFIED! This is a 60 min SWEET STEAM-$85.00

Sweetest Yoni Steam

Bring your girlfriends along for a group experience.  Our Sweetest Yoni Steam package is a 30 min SWEET STEAM-$80 (for both)

Sweet Feet Detox

Foot Detox baths clears the body of harmful toxins that enter through the soles of our feet that we all accumulate everyday.  The pollution in the air, the chemicals in our food, our hair and skin products, even the water we drink. $45.00

Ear and Naval Candling

Used to cleanse and harmonize the different energy fields of the body. For both ear and naval candling is $55.00

Sweet Tox

Clay Detox and Womb Wrap massages your womb to create a deeper relationship with yourself while using healing clay from volcanic ash-$65.00

Goddess Party

Goddess Party is our AMAZING Wellness party perfect for a girl's night IN. Our package is for our Brides and Bridesmaids, birthdays, or just bonding time with the ladies. Prices start at $125.00 per person. 

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